Peaceful population of Artsakh terrorized and blockaded: Noubar Afeyan calls on US to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe

The Armenian American community urges the US government to step in and prevent a humanitarian catastrophe as the peaceful population of Artsakh is terrorized and blockaded, Armenian-American  entrepreneur, inventor and philanthropist Noubar Afeyan said in a Twitter post.

He thanked USAID Administrator Samantha Power for her statement on this growing crisis.

The Lachin Corridor must be re-opened immediately, USAID Administrator Samantha Power said in a Twitter post late on Thursday.

She said “the closure has the potential to cause a significant humanitarian crisis.”

“This corridor is an essential route for the flow of much needed food and medical supplies that must be allowed to flow freely,” Power tweeted.

The only road linking the Republic of Artsakh to Armenia and thus the outer world has been closed since Monday morning after a group of Azerbaijanis blocked the highway, citing fake environmental reasons. Azerbaijan had also cut gas supply to Artsakh, but it has been restored this morning.

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