Artsakh facing shortage of fuel

As a result of cutoff of gas supply and the blocking of the road connecting the Republic of Artsakh to Armenia, Artsakh is facing shortage of petrol, diesel fuel, liquid and compressed gas.

In order to avoid a fuel crisis, the government of Artsakh has reached an agreement with businessmen to switch to a saving mode.

At the fuel filling stations, priority will be given to the emergency service, public transport and special services.

Citizens are urged to use fuel sparingly and use vehicles exceptionally in case of extreme necessity.

The only road linking the Republic of Artsakh to Armenia has been closed since Monday morning after a group of Azerbaijanis blocked the highway, citing fake environmental reasons. Azerbaijan has also cut gas supply to Artsakh.

The European Union, France and the US have urged the Azerbaijani government to end the blockade.

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