Azerbaijan demonstrating that co-existence is impossible, Artsakh’s State Minister says

Azerbaijan is demonstrating that co-existence is impossible, Artsakh’s State Minister Ruben Vardanyan said, speaking live on Facebook.

“We are doing our best so that the world learns about the ongoing situation in Artsakh, to see the real face of Azerbaijan, to understand that it’s impossible to co-exist with Azerbaijan, when they are blocking the road and cutting gas supply under severe winter conditions,” Vardanyan said.

He called on everyone to stay strong and believe that “together we can overcome this difficult situation,” and added that “they made the biggest mistake, as this way they cannot prove to anyone that we can co-exist.”

“That’s why I’m calling on everyone to stay strong, to be ready for struggle, at the same time continuing our work to show that we are in crisis, but continue to work and are confident in our future,” the State Minister said.

“The current situation once again shows that there are no guarantees for the security of Artsakh and its people within Azerbaijan, because Azerbaijan is the main threat to their lives,” Vardanyan said in a Twitter post.

“By closing the only road connecting Artsakh with Armenia and the outside world, Azerbaijan proves once again: the goal is the ethnic cleansing of the Armenians of Artsakh or their complete extermination. Also, Azerbaijan has cut gas supply in the mid of winter,” the State Minister said.

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