Prosecutor Generals of Armenia, Russia and Azerbaijan discuss fulfillment of humanitarian requirements

Armenian Prosecutor General Anna Vardapetyan, Russian Prosecutor General Igor Krasnov and Azerbaijani Prosecutor General Kyamran Aliyev met in Moscow today. The meeting was initiated by the Russian side.

Anna Vardapetyan thanked her Russian counterpart for the efforts invested in initiating a meeting in such a format and expressed hope that this meeting would provide an opportunity to achieve concrete results, and contribute to the dull implementation of humanitarian requirements stipulated by point 8 of the November 9 tripartite statement adopted by the leaders of Armenia, Russia and Azerbaijan on November 9, 2020.

Anna Vardapetyan emphasized that the fulfillment of the humanitarian requirements stipulated by the tripartite statement is a priority for Armenia. Vardapetyan emphasized that the Republic of Armenia ahs fully fulfilled the demands, while Azerbaijan has failed to do so.

“Two years after the statement was signed, Armenian prisoners of war are still being held in the Republic of Azerbaijan. This behavior of Azerbaijan in no way contributes to the realization of the goals of the tripartite statement,” Anna Vardapetyan stressed.

During the meeting, the Prosecutor General of Armenia also referred to the agreements reached during the previous meetings held in the same format with the participation of the Prosecutor Generals of the three countries, noting that Armenia has fulfilled all the agreements.

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