International community should force Azerbaijan to withdraw from Armenian lands, Member of Spanish Congress Jon Inarritu says

The international community should force Azerbaijan to respect the peace agenda and withdraw troops from Armenian lands, says Jon Inarritu, member of the Spanish Congress of Deputies representing the Basque Country. 

On a two day-visit to Armenia, the MP visited the Armenian communities affected by the Azerbaijan aggression in mid-September.

“In Jermuk and Sotk we were shocked to see that the civilian infrastructure, houses were attacked in by Azerbaijani army. From my point of view, this ia a clear violation of the international humanitarian law. At the same time, Azerbaijan is not respecting the peace agenda and is occupying the territory of Armenia,” Jon Inarritu says in an interview with Public Radio of Armenia.

Upon his return, the MP will talk to his colleagues and urge them to continue denouncing the aggression in the Parliament and asking the international community to act and force Azerbaijan to respect the peace agenda and de-occupy the Armenian lands.

Parliaments of a number of European countries have adopted resolutions denouncing the Azerbaijani attacks, calling for withdrawal from the Armenian sovereign territory, urging the release of prisoners of war, etc., while governments fail to take practical steps and distance themselves from parliamentary resolutions. 

“While many Parliaments, like that of Spain, have approved resolutions denouncing the aggression by Azerbaijan, there is a gas deal signed between the European Union and Azerbaijan to promote the sale of gas to Europe due to the situation in Ukraine,” Jon Inarritu reminds.

However, to him, it’s illogical to sanction Russia for attacking Ukraine, while reinforcing the relationship with Azerbaijan, which is doing the same against Armenia. 

The lawmaker believes the international community has the necessary tools to force Azerbaijan to respect the peace agenda. He reminds that Armenia and Azerbaijan are both members of the Council of Europe and the OSCE and adds that the structures “should take decisions regarding the attacks.”

“But we also have the United Nations with a lot of mechanisms to oblige, to force Azerbaijani to respect the international law and take measures against them, should they fail to do so. Azerbaijan is the sole aggressor, and the only solution now is to force Azerbaijan to de-occupy the Armenians lands and to respect the peace agenda,” Jon Inarritu emphasizes.

The Spanish Congress of Deputies recenly rejected an interstate agreement with Azerbaijan, citing violence against Armenia. While the ruling parties were interestes in getting the agreement on protection of classified information ratified, it was possible to secure the result as one of the calition parties abstained from voting.

The lawmaker hopes the Spanish Parliament will also recognize the Armenian genocide in the coming months.  

“In Spain, a lot of regions like Catalonia and the Basque Country have recognized the Armenian Genocide, and now we are working to have it recognized by the country’s Parliament, because we think that there could be a majority of votes to approve the recognition of the Armenian Genocide during the next months. This is a question of justice for the Armenian people, and I hope the recognition will arrive soon,” the MP says. 

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