Baku says “rejects” French National Assembly resolution calling for sanctions against Azerbaijan

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan has labeled the French National Assembly resolution calling for sanctions against Baku “another provocation demonstrating the country’s inability to act as a fair mediator.”

The Ministry said in a statement “the anti-Azerbaijani resolution is full of lies and slander” and “aims to harm the process of normalizing relations between Azerbaijan and Armenia, as well as efforts to establish peace and stability in the region.”

Baku believes that this resolution is contrary to the norms and principles of international law and “once again clearly demonstrates the biased political position of France, and thus its inability to act as a neutral and fair mediator.”

The statement emphasizes that “the Azerbaijani side resolutely rejects the resolution, as well as other provocative steps of France.”

Earlier, the Senate and the National Assembly of France adopted resolutions calling on the government to consider the possibility of imposing personal sanctions against representatives of Azerbaijan in the event that it continues its aggressive actions against Armenia.”

The resolutions also call on the Government, in consultation with the European Union and the United States, to take any diplomatic initiative likely to promote the development of a lasting peace treaty between the Republic of Armenia and Azerbaijan.

The lawmakers also call for an international and independent investigation into the war crimes committed by Azerbaijan.

They invite the Government to increase France’s support for the Republic of Armenia, particularly with regard to humanitarian aid, and to study the strengthening of its defense capacities;

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