Time to sanction Azerbaijan: Serj Tankian calls on global community to act

It’s time to cancel and sanction Azerbaijan, adding it to the list of countries committing gross human-rights violations and war crimes in our lifetime, System of a Down frontman Serj Tankian said in an op-ed in The Rolling Stone.

“Are Europeans fine with watching Azerbaijan ethnically cleanse Nagorno-Karabagh and Armenia for a mere increase of one percent of their energy needs from dictator Aliyev of Azerbaijan? I don’t think so. Maybe most are unaware,” Tankian wrote.

“They should ask the Lemkin Institute, Human Rights Watch, and other watchdog organizations, who have recently raised red flags on Azerbaijan’s genocidal acts toward Armenians. Azerbaijan is a country where kids are raised from a young age to hate Armenians, which may explain the multiple recent videos of extra-judicial killings of POWs by Azerbaijani soldiers, coupled with unspeakable mutilations of Armenian soldiers and civilians,” the musician continued.

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