Armenia proposes to create a 3-km demilitarized zone on the border – PM

Armenia proposes to create a 3-km demilitarized zone on the Armenian Azerbaijani border, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said in an interview with Public TV.

“This means that if we recognize the 1991, the military units from both sides should be withdrawn from that border zone and the protection of the border should be entrusted to border guards,” the Prime Minister said.

He said there are some logistical and technical issues regarding how this demilitarized zone should be created to ensure that the normal life of people is not distorted and no security threats are created.

He added that there should be an international monitoring of the border, because “there are no guarantees Azerbaijan will not decide to launch an offensive tomorrow.”

The Prime Minister noted that in the initial proposal the Armenian side was offering that Russia exercise monitoring of the situation after withdrawal.

“Azerbaijan said it was unacceptable, and we are now offering that the monitoring be carried out either by the Russian Federation, or the CSTO, the OSCE, the UN Security Council, the European Union and left rom for another option. But it goes without saying that there should be monitoring, otherwise the mechanism will not work,” PM Pashinyan said.

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