Iraq a reliable partner in the region, Armenian President says

Armenian Republic Vahagn Khachaturyan met with the President of Iraq, Abdul Latif Rashid, on the sidelines of the 27th Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

President Khachaturyan noted that Iraq is a reliable partner of Armenia in the region, and our country attaches great importance to the deepening of multi-sectoral cooperation with that country.

The Iraqi President emphasized that the Armenians living in Iraq enjoy the support of the Iraqi authorities and they highly value the close Armenian-Iraqi relations. According to him, positive dynamics has been recorded in the bilateral trade turnover in recent years, which is a sign of serious bilateral economic potential.

President Vahagn Khachaturyan emphasized that Armenia has excellent relations with the vast majority of Islamic countries, including Arab countries. In this context, President Khachaturyan expressed his concern regarding the recent speech of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev at the summit of the League of Arab States, in which he exploited the religious factor in his accusations against Armenia, giving a religious tone to the Nagorno Karabakh conflict and trying to create negative about Armenia in the Islamic, in this case, Arab countries.

The President emphasized that this conflict has absolutely nothing to do with religion and is a struggle for the right of self-determination of the people living in their historical cradle.

A bilateral agreement was reached to continue mutual contacts aimed at the development of economic relations and intensification of cooperation in various fields.

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