Armenia’s defense budget to see 113% increase in FY 2023 – PM

In FY2023, Armenia’s defense budget will see a 113% increase as compared to 2018, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said at the budget discussions at the National Assembly.

The defense expenditures in 2023 will amount t 509 bln drams or 1.2 bln USD, the Prime Minister said.

“You are informed that army reforms are under way, a number of proposals on practical changes have already been forwarded to the National Assembly, which I hope will be adopted in the near future,” the Prime Minister noted.

He explained that the changes aim at establishing standards and salaries that would comply with that standards.

“The goal of the whole process is the shift to a professional army and increase the defense capacities of the Republic of Armenia,” he stressed.

PM Pashinyan emphasized that the increase in defense expenditures, the army reforms and the determination to shift to a professional army in no way contradict the peace agenda, which Armenia will consistently pursue.

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