French Parliament to adopt resolution imposing sanctions on Azerbaijan

At the initiative of the Renaissance parliamentary group, the French National Assembly is planning to adopt a resolution that will impose certain sanctions on Azerbaijan, condemn the Azerbaijani aggression, demand the return of the occupied territories and return to the negotiating table, French MPs said at a meeting with their counterparts at the National Assembly.

Armenian parliamentarians attached importance to the adoption of the above-mentioned resolution. Vladimir Vardanyan, head of the Armenian National Assembly’s Armenia-France friendship group, valued the development of dynamic relations with France, particularly between the legislative bodies. On behalf of the friendly group, the deputy congratulated the newly elected members of the French National Assembly. It was noted that the friendly group with Armenia will be formed in the French parliament in the near future.

Issues related to the development of Armenian-French cooperation in the economic sphere, implementation of joint projects and long-term stable investments were discussed. It was noted that Armenia is improving the economic and competitive environment to attract new investments. From the point of view of economic development, regional stability and the inviolability of borders were highlighted.

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