Holy Mass for “Peace in Armenia” held in Vatican (video)

On October 25, the Holy Mass for Peace to Armenia, dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Armenia and the Holy See, was held in the Papal Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore presided by Pietro Parolin, Secretary of State of the Holy See. Foreign Minister of Armenia Ararat Mirzoyan delivered remarks at the ceremony, in which he particularly said:

“Your Eminence Cardinal Parolin,

We are deeply touched by your decision to preside over this Holy Mass and celebrate with us the 30th anniversary of the fraternal relations between Yerevan and the Vatican. I am grateful for your inspirational words and prayerful wishes on this joyful occasion. 

Your Beatitude, Excellencies, 

Reverend Fathers and Sisters,                                                                         

Ladies and gentlemen, 

Thank you for gracing us with your presence to pray together in front of the magnificent icon of the Virgin Mary for Peace in Armenia. 

My country has never lost its belief in the ideals of humanity and solidarity, even despite facing many challenges and calamities triggered by conflicts and particularly the recent deplorable use of force by the neighbouring country.

The Armenian people and Government greatly appreciate the Holy Father’s blessings for strengthening our relations, as well as messages and calls of  Pope Francis for peace and gestures of solidarity extended to us during and after the 44-day war in 2020 and the aftermath of recent acts of aggression against my nation.   

Almost for three decades, the history of diplomatic ties between Armenia and the Holy See has been characterized by high-level political dialogue, constantly developed and deepened by mutual efforts. We have had many occasions of milestone events which demonstrate our centuries-old interactions and current interstate relations. 

The divine liturgy performed by Pope Francis and witnessed by the entire world in April 2015, marking the Centennial of the Armenian Genocide and impressions of the historical visit of His Holiness Pope Francis to Armenia in June 2016, will remain in our memories and hearts forever. We are very proud of the fact that Saint Gregory of Narek, a son of the Armenian people and a genius of Medieval thought, joined the 36 greatest thinkers who received the title of “Doctor of the Universal Church” to whom Pope Francis also called a doctor of peace – a great Christian message of peace.

And today’s celebration presided over by the Secretary of State, is yet another vivid manifestation of a solid friendship of the Holy See with Armenia –  the first nation to embrace Christianity as a state religion in 301 AD. 

Let me also mention that the centuries-old history of interactions between the Armenian Apostolic and Roman Catholic Churches is a valuable engine for developing our modern interstate ties. We commend the continuing interchurch dialogue, and I am happy to acknowledge among us today the presence of His Beatitude Raphaël Petros XXI, Catholicos-Patriarch of Cilicia of Armenian Catholics, the representatives of the Armenian Apostolic and Catholic Churches, Mkhitarist Fathers and the Armenian Sisters of Immaculate Conception. We are grateful for your support and dedicated efforts.

Your Eminence,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

This milestone year offers an excellent opportunity to celebrate our achievements and shared values. We praise the Lord that the Armenia-Holy See brotherly journey and comprehensive dialogue aimed at exchanging our sacred treasures in a spirit of esteem, mutual respect, and reciprocal trust continues and further supports all of us in building a world of justice and peace. 

Thank you.”

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