LIVE: Partial solar eclipse

The Royal Observatory Greenwich is streaming the partial solar eclipse.

Today the moon passes in front of the sun in the last solar eclipse of 2022.

It will be primarily visible from Europe and parts of Africa and Asia, others can watch it online. 

In Armenia, the partial solar eclipse began at 1:52 PM, will peak at 3:11 PM, and end at 4:24 PM. It will last 2 hours and 32 minutes.

At its peak, the solar eclipse will block 82% of the sun as the moon and star will not be perfectly aligned with Earth as they are during a total solar eclipse. That means that at its best, only a sliver of the sun should be visible from “the point of central eclipse.” This prime viewing spot is at the North Pole, so few if any observers will likely see it. 

But for observers across Europe and parts of Africa, the Middle East and Asia, the sun will appear obscured to varying degrees depending on how close an observer is to the central path of the eclipse.

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