PM Pashinyan welcomes deployment of EU misdion in Armenia

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has welcomed the deployment of EU civilian mission in the country.

Speaking at a government sitting he commnded the EU partners rlfor promt response.

“The EU partners reacted very promptly and made decisions. And the advance group is already in Armenia and working, and the main group, the observation mission consisting of 40 people, will arrive in Armenia in the near future,” said the Prime Minister.

Pashinyan said according to preliminary agreement, the observation mission should be carried out for two months.

He said, however, that the mission could extend or become permanent.

“If we see that there is such an opportunity and necessity, I do not rule out that we will study the problem more deeply,” the Prime Minister emphasized.

The agreement on the deployment of the EU observation mission was reached during the quadrilateral meeting in Prague on October 4.

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