There are clarifications that no one is going to recognize Artsakh as part of Azerbaijan – FM Babayan

The most complex issues have been discussed during the meetings in Armenia, Artsakh’s Foreign Minister David Babayan said after a meeting with Speaker of the Armenian National Assembly Alen Simonyan.

“We are not against the improvement of relations between Armenia and Azerbaijan. However, we must understand that recognizing Artsakh as part of Azerbaijan is unacceptable,” Babayan said.

Summing up the results of the two-day meetings of the Artsakh delegation in Yerevan, Babayan said “we have received clarifications that no one is going to leave Artsakh or recognize it as part of Azerbaijan. No we must adopt a very flexible policy.”

“Any attempt to annex Artsakh to Azerbaijan will lead to two scenarios – either war, bloodshed and genocide, or ethnic cleansing. This is a message to the world. We are now appealing to the democratic countries of the world. Our position is very clear – if the democratic world sees us as part of Azerbaijan, it will be a stigma for them, because the genocide of Artsakh will be a result of that policy,” the Foreign Minister said.

Speaking about the proposal of the Armenian side to create mechanisms for discussion between Stepanakert and Baku, Babayan said Artsakh does not mind returning to the negotiating table, but the talks should take place within internationally recognized formats. “The Minsk Group is the only internationally recognized platform,” he said.

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