Settlement of relations between Armenia and Azerbaijan to remain a priority for the US – Ned Price

The US will continue to be engaged in the settlement of relations between Armenia and Azerbaijan, Spokesperson for the Department of State Ned Price said at a daily briefing.

“I say that in the aftermath of the Secretary’s convening of the trilateral format of the ministers from both Armenia and Azerbaijan in New York City last month. It was the first time the ministers had come together in person since the most recent uptick in violence. You saw yesterday that the Secretary had an opportunity to speak to the leaders of Armenia and Azerbaijan,” the Spokesman said.

“Phil Reeker, our senior advisor on this issue set, has remained in daily contact with individuals and stakeholders in both countries. So we will continue to remain engaged on this issue. I can’t promise a particular outcome, but I can promise that it will remain a priority for us,” Price stated.

Asked about the possibility of another meeting, the Spokesman said “I don’t have any meetings at the moment to announce.”

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