Armenia wants to establish relations with Turkey, but without preconditions, MP Armen Rustamyan says at PACE

We are witnessing the collapse of a pre-existing world order based on the respect of common principles and values, especially with regard to the obligations of non-use of force or threat of force and peaceful settlement of disputes and conflicts, member of the Armenian delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe Armen Rustamyan said during the discussion on honoring of obligations and commitments by Turkey.

“Instead of finding ways together to stop this disruptive process for all, some countries are trying to take advantage of it by provoking new confrontations to achieve their selfish goal, thus adding their share of oil to the fire. Such a policy is being pursued today by Turkey, in tandem with Azerbaijan,” Rustamyan said.

“According to Turkey, now is the right time to force Armenia to make such concessions, which will enable it to realize its century-old dream of removing the Armenian obstacle to the creation of the Pan-Turkic alliance,” he added.

The Armenian MP noted that “Turkey and Azerbaijan, on the basis of their ethnic identity, have proclaimed the principle of one people in two states and recently signed the anti-Armenian declaration in the city of Shushi, occupied by Azeri forces after the last war in Artsakh.”

“This declaration, which challenges universal international norms, fully reflects the aggressive intention of the signatory parties and clearly sets out geopolitical objectives aimed at the formation of the Greater Turan. With such large-scale intentions, Turkey continues to hypocritically declare its willingness to normalize relations with Armenia without preconditions,” Rustamyan noted.

“We remember how Turkey, in its application to join the European Union, assured that it would have zero problems with all its neighbors. However, we know the result: zero neighbors, no problems,” he said.

The lawmaker stated that “Armenia wants to establish relations with Turkey, but it must be without preconditions and must not depend on relations with Azerbaijan.”

He reminded that the Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs just recently called on his compatriots here in Strasbourg to launch a new attack on the Armenian diaspora in Europe.

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