German lawmakers say invasion of Armenian territory by Azerbaijan can in no way be justified

Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) parliamentary group has followed with great dismay the recent escalation in the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia, including attacks on homes and civilian infrastructure on Armenian territory.

“The violation of the borders and territory of Armenia by massive military operations of Azerbaijan cannot be justified in any way. The deaths and injuries, including civilians, the displacement of many Armenian residents from their home towns and the reports of war crimes and severe mistreatment of Armenian prisoners by Azerbaijani forces are unacceptable. The evidence of war crimes must be fully cleared up,” the Group said in a statement.

“We welcome the fact that after the heavy fighting between Azerbaijan and Armenia flared up again, both countries, also with the support of the international community, agreed on a ceasefire and talks are taking place. The recently announced release of Armenian prisoners of war is also a positive signal. Both sides are urged to refrain from any action that could endanger the security between the two countries and the region. We appeal to Armenia and Azerbaijan to continue dialogue,” the lawmakers said.

“Only an end to the violence and negotiations between Armenia and Azerbaijan with a sustainable peace and lasting solution to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict can lead to the people of both countries being able to live in peace in the future. We reject the attempt to create facts through military measures. Both sides had to mourn numerous victims in the course of the decades-long conflict and are called upon to do their utmost for a peaceful future,” they continued.

The Group called on the Federal Government, the European Union and the international community to monitor events closely, to continue to make intensive efforts to mediate between the two countries and not to accept violations of international law.

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