Armenian Parliament adopts gun control law

The Armenian Parliament today adopted the law on Regulation of Arms Circulation, which is expected to regulate the circulation of weapons and munitions in the Republic of Armenia, to promote the development of hunting, amateur and sports shooting, as well as military training.

The law aims to increase self-defense and fighting ability of citizens. Below are some excerpts:

  1. In order to acquire a civilian weapon, it will be necessary to pass theoretical and practical examinations on handling weapons and knowledge of safety rules.
  2. The age of permission to acquire civilian weapons is set: 21 years for rifled firearms, 18 years for other types of civilian weapons.
  3. The mandatory requirement to be a member of the hunting association for purchasing weapons is cancelled.
  4. Standards of shooting ranges are defined.
  5. The term of the permit to keep and carry weapons will be set for 10 years, instead of the previous 5 years.
  6. It is allowed to purchase up to 10 units of civilian firearms, instead of the previous 8 units.
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