International community should condemn the use of force by Azerbaijan, Armenia’s Security Council Secretary tells Fox News

The international community should condemn the use of Force by Azerbaijan, Secretary of Armenia’s Security Council Armen Griroryan said din an exclusive interview with Fox News.

“The international community should take the steps, as we see the United States has taken, the United States has been very direct,” Armen Grigoryan said.

“They called [for] withdrawal of Azerbaijani forces from sovereign territory of Armenia, and we think that the international community should condemn the use of force as it was done by Azerbaijan, and the international community should support the diplomatic engagement,” he added.

Fighting broke out between Armenia and Azerbaijan on Sept. 13 when Azerbaijani forces launched an attack against Armenia. At least 207 Armenians were killed or went missing as a result of the assault.

“Our assessment continues to be that Azerbaijan continues to aim for larger, further occupied territories in Armenia and further escalating the situation in the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan,” Grigoryan explained. “And they see in [the] 21st century solving the problem with … force. This is very concerning.”

“Armenia is ready for diplomatic engagement, but we also publicly said we will not negotiate … when the gun is put on [our] head,” Grigoryan stressed. “This is not our way of negotiating, and we are sure that the more active engagement of the international community in our region would be helpful to bring more stability and also peace.” 

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