Revisionist policies will fail: Greek FM sends message to countries trying to redraw maps

We in Greece have repeatedly underlined that we support the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all states, that goes to friendly Armenia, as well, Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias said at a joint press conference with Armenian Foreign Minister Ararat Mirzoyan.

“We believe in the inviolability of borders, and I am referring to the incidents that happened just a few days ago following the shelling of Armenian territory, including inhabited areas, by the Azeri military forces,” he said.

The Greek FM echoed French President Emmanuel Macron who said yesterday that he strongly condemns the violence and calls for peace and resumption of negotiations.

“I’m here to express solidarity with the Armenian Government and the Armenian people. The historical relations between the two countries go back centuries. The substantial Armenian community of Greece is a strong connecting bond,” he noted.  

In a message to the two countries that seek to redraw maps, Nikos Dendias said: “Revisionist policies will fail. Another revisionist power – Turkey – is trying to take advantage of the recent turmoil to undermine the peace and stability be in the Caucasus or in the Aegean,” he said.

“We have said that we are ready to engage in dialogue with Turkey on the basis of international law, but also ready to defend our country. We will do whatever it takes to defend our country and our rights,” the Foreign Minister said.

Speaking about the challenges facing Armenia, Dendias said “the position of Greece on the Nagorno Karabakh issue remains unchanged:  we support achieving a peaceful, mutually acceptable solution within the framework of international law.”

“In this regard we salute the courage of Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan we proposed a new approach for a new future in this region. But solutions and peace cannot be built when there is threat of force. That applies to the Caucasus, that applies to the world,” the Foreign Minister stated.

“We continue to support the resumption of bilateral negotiations, as well as the EU and US efforts to contribute to the process, also facilitated by the OSCE Minsk Group. We also stand ready with other EU partners to help mediate towards a possible solution, because in the end of the day we cannot change geography, but people have to have an opportunity to live peacefully side by side. We also believe that humanitarian issues also have to be resolved immediately, and international humanitarian law has to be respected,” the Greek FM said.

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