UK Government must condemn Azerbaijan attacks on Armenia – Chris Law MP

Member of the British Parliament Chris Law has asked the UK Government for an urgent debate and statement from the UK Government on recent attacks by Azerbaijan on Armenia.

“Verified videos by Human Rights Watch graphically illustrate the brutality and barbarism of Azerbaijan’s recent attack on Armenia, showing an elderly Armenian civilian decapitated with a knife and his head mounted on the carcass of a pig and the mutilated corpse of a female Armenian soldier, with her eyes gouged out and replaced by stones,” the MP said on Parliament floor.

“Azerbaijan is also backed heavily by NATO member Turkey, with one Turkish political leader stating last week that, and I quote, ‘I remind you once again that the Turkish nation has the power to erase Armenia from history and geography.’ So, can we have an urgent debate on Government time on the illegal attacks of Azerbaijan on the democracy of Armenia and a statement from the UK Government condemning all those supporting these horrific actions and hate speech?” the MP stated.

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