Armenia’s participation in Thessaloniki International Fair a success

Armenia marked another successful participation at the Thessaloniki International Fair, the largest exhibition event in Greece, which took place at the Thessaloniki International Exhibition Centre from 10th to 18th of September 2022.

The Armenian Stand attracted numerous Greek and non-Greek visitors including the Vice President of the European Parliament Mrs. Eva Kaili as well as high rank officials of the Greek cabinet such as Mr. Θάνος Πλεύρης – Minister of Health, Mr. Vassilis Kikilias – Minister of Tourism, Mr. Νότης Μηταράκης – Minister of Migration and Asylum, Mr. Christos Stylianides – Minister of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection as well as Deputy Minister of Defense Mr. Νίκος Χαρδαλιάς.

Among the distinguished visitors were diplomats from several countries such as Italy, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Georgia, Romania, Poland, Slovakia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Vietnam and Iran. Also, Chairmen of Local and Bilateral Chambers as well as numerous mayors of several cities and towns all over Greece including the Governor of Attica Mr. Giorgos Patoulis.

A wide range of Armenian products was presented at the Show including the legendary ARARAT Brandy, the world famous Armenia Wine, Karas, ARAME, Zorah, the multi-award winning KILIKIA BEER, Jermuk, and BJNI mineral waters as well as Noyan Premium juices. Capital markets was presented by Armbrok, the leading brokerage firm of Armenia and its associates in Greece. The official distribution agreement for Greece and Cyprus of Grand Candy – Joyco was also announced by the based in Greece company Quality Wines Apikian.

On September 13, during the Exhibition, the Azerbaijani armed forces launched a major military attack against Armenia. The pro-Armenian public response of all visitors against Azerbaijan’s attack and invasion of Armenian territory was really touching and indicative of the deep ties between the Greek and the Armenian nations.

Armenia’s participation has been jointly organized by the Honorary Consulate of Armenia in Thessaloniki as well as the Hellenic-Armenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Greece. The event was held under the auspices of the Embassy of Armenia in Greece

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