Alen SImonyan, Nancy Pelosi discuss issues of regional security

Speaker of the Armenian National Assembly Alen Simonyan received the delegation headed by Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the US House of Representatives, who has arrived in Armenia on an official visit.

Alen Simonyan noted that the US occupies a key place in the political and economic life of Armenia.

“Your visit to Armenia is taking place during the most difficult period for our country, and it is most appreciated in this respect. As you know, from September 13, Azerbaijan started a new round of aggression against the sovereign territory of Armenia. The Azerbaijani military targeted not only the military positions, but also many settlements and civil infrastructure. Unfortunately, we have casualties,” ​​said Alen Simonyan.

He expressed gratitude for the fragile cease-fire agreement brokered by the United States on the evening of September 14, and also expressed gratitude to the US authorities, including many congressmen, for giving an accurate assessment of the latest developments.

The parties discussed issues related to the security of Armenia and the region, including details related to further processes in the UN Security Council.

Future inter-parliamentary cooperation projects were also discussed at the meeting. At the end of the meeting, the Speaker of the Armenian National Assembly and the Speaker of the US House of Representatives issued a statement.

Expressing gratitude for the reception, the Speaker of the US House of Representatives noted: “When we go to any country, security is important for us. Little did we know that our visit would coincide with the days following hostilities. In the US, we are proud to be surrounded by patriotic Armenians who are also our citizens. They are our strength, an important component of our wholeness,” said Nancy Pelosi.

After the meeting, Alen Simonyan and Nancy Pelosi will make a statement for the media.

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