MEP Emmanouil Fragkos expresses solidarity with Armenia, calls for sanctions against Azerbaijan

Member of the European Parliament Emmanouil Fragkos from Greece has expressed solidarity with Armenia and called for sanction against Azerbaijan.

“Since the time of Genghis Khan and Tamerlane, to the battle of Monzikert and recently the conversion of Haghia Sophia into a mosque, the expansion into occupies Varosha and the war to capture Artsakh in 2020, the “story,” the “mythology” of the Mongol Turks remains the same – occupation of Christian lands and, gradually, annihilation of Christians,” the MEP said in a video message.

“Narrative sets the tone for politics. The Azerbaijanis feel that they are same people with Turks. The first flag of Azerbaijan was the one we all know today as the Turkish flag. Of course, Azeris follow the same Turkish pattern. Gradual occupation of Armenian lands, Islamization, expulsion or massacres of Christians, and destruction of every trace of Armenian culture,” he added.

“The Aliyev regime, a centralized dictatorship based on corruption and petrodollars is internationally blamed for the inhuman treatment of the opposition and launched the war against Artsakh primarily to quell internal dissent just as Turkey is doing against Greeks and Kurds. Having seen the political gains in the Azeri public from chauvinism, and having gained the support of Europe, with which they signed golden contracts for the sale of natural gas, they launched a new attack against Armenian territories.” Emmanouil Fragkos said.

“Without any question but with a great frustration at the European silence, we asked the rest of the MEPs to co-sign a letter to the High Representative for Foreign affairs demanding to take immediate effective actions, stop gas imports from Azerbaijan,” he said.

“What is required is honesty, justice and strength. the developments in the Caucasus are not good for Armenians. We must defend them in every way as they are our brothers, if we want even one to defend us, when the hard times start for us,” the MEP said.

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