CSTO mechanisms capable of restraining the aggressor, Armenia’s representative tells CSTO Permanent Council

Upon the initiative of the Armenian side, an extraordinary session of the CSTO Permanent Council was held under the chairmanship of Viktor Biyagov, the Permanent and Plenipotentiary Representative of the Republic of Armenia to the CSTO, with the participation of CSTO Deputy Secretary General Valeriy Semerikov and the Head of Joint Staff Anatoly Sidorov.

During the session, the Representative of Armenia briefed the members of the CSTO Central Committee that in the midnight on September 13, the armed forces of Azerbaijan, grossly violating international law and the ceasefire regime, carried out provocative and aggressive actions against the sovereign territory of Armenia, attempting to advance positions in some directions.

The armed forces of Armenia were brought to a high-level military readiness and carried out the defense of the areas entrusted to them. The actions of the Azerbaijani armed forces are considered a gross violation of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Armenia – a CSTO member state, and the situation may lead to a large-scale armed conflict.

Victor Biyagov noted that Armenia appealed to its allies in the CSTO, expecting effective collective steps to ensure the security, territorial integrity and sovereignty of the Republic of Armenia within the framework of the CSTO Charter. He expressed confidence that CSTO mechanisms are capable of restraining the aggressor.

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