“Identity and Art”: Martiros Saryan’s virtual exhibition on the Google Arts and Culture platform

The Yerevan Biennial Art Foundation, with the support of Martiros Saryan House Museum, is launching a virtual exhibition presenting the artists’ works on the Google Arts and Culture platform.

Google Arts & Culture is one of the most popular digital platforms in the world, representing the most prestigious international cultural institutions, museums and galleries. It has more than 80 countries represented.

“Identity and Art” is a virtual exhibition that presents Martiros Saryan’s journey to the East. The exhibition focuses on the journey of the artist, while also presenting the historical context and political situations and the omens of the First World War and leading to the Genocide and the formation of the First Republic.

The exhibition mixes Saryan’s notes and letters with historical descriptions and observations, transporting the reader to the historical period in which the artist created.

The core of the entire exhibition is Saryan and the great role he played in the visual formulation of his newly formed state.

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