USAID will support Armenian artisans to sell their products internationally

USAID will support Armenian artisans to sell their products internationally through the Artisan Empowerment Hub, a new project launched in private sector partnership with NOVICA.

The purpose of the Artisan Empowerment Hub project is to provide global sales opportunities for Armenian artisans, foster growth of local communities through economic development, and support traditional culture and arts. The budget for this project is $2,866,578 over the duration of four years.

Many talented Armenian artisans struggle to sell their products due to limited market access, absence of product guidelines, high logistical costs, and lack of export infrastructure. This project aims to resolve these issues through onboarding over 200 groups of about 1,000 artisans.

During its implementation, the project will positively impact thousands of artisans and generate more than $1.35 million in revenue. After the completion of the project the revenue is expected to be over $500,000 annually. 

As a result, the export market is expected to increase for artisan products. It will create a stable, predictable market demand not tied to tourist visitation, leading to more permanent employment opportunities, increased incomes, and improved livelihoods for Armenia’s rural artisans.

To increase the number of artisans, build their capacity, and improve their quality, NOVICA will conduct online and offline workshops.

The products will be sold on, UNICEF Market, the Smithsonian Folklife Festival Marketplace, the Kiva Store, and dozens of other NOVICA partner websites.

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