Goals of Starmus Festival coincide with the strategic vision of Armenia – PM Pashinyan

The goals of the Starmus Festival mostly coincide with the strategic vision of the Republic of Armenia, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said at the opening of the festival in Yerevan.

“Starmus aims to inspire, educate, strengthen and empower a new generation of researchers. This fully aligns with our vision as we continually increase funding for science. In 2022, the funding of science from the state budget has increased by about 83 percent, we are implementing large-scale reforms in the field of education,” PM Pashinyan said

“Starmus puts art and science on one platform, wants to inspire new talents by attracting talented people, to bring science closer to people and make it a tool of happiness. This is also the vision of our government. We want more and more young people in Armenia to engage in science, research, and technology. We want to know more and create more. Starmus wants to formulate as complex and even unexpected questions as possible, and it is our vision that only by formulating unformulated questions and answering those questions directly and honestly, we will be able to make Armenia the country of our dreams. And in this sense, this is a meeting at the right time and the right place for all of us,” he added.

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