Happy to be back in Armenia: Luis Figo joins Armenian iGaming platform as Brand Ambassador

Former Portugal international Luis Figo says it’s an honor for him to return to Armenia.

“The last time I was here I was participating in the Legends Match,” Figo said, referring to the 2018 July all-star Europe vs. Latin America football match.

“When you come to play football you don’t have much opportunity to see and get to know the culture of the country and meet people. You just come to the airport and then to the hotel. That’s why I am very happy to return to Armenia, now I have time to get to know the country,” Figo said at a press conference in Yerevan, Armenpress reports.

The football legend has joined the Armenia-based Digitain iGaming platform as Brand Ambassador.

Luis Figo pledged to do his best to advance the company’s projects and plans to visit various countries for business meetings in the next six months.

Speaking about his career, the former Portugal international said: “Playing football was my dream and I never expected to reach such level. I think that in football, just like elsewhere, if you don’t have teamwork you can’t succeed as an individual. Success depends on certain people. There can be exceptions, but what matters is team spirit and team victory,” Figo said.

The football star said he was lucky to play in the world’s best teams with the world’s best players. Asked what team he’d prefer to play for, if he had the chance to chose, Figo said he had been watching the matches of Liverpool since childhood, but didn’t have the chance to play for the club during his career.

Comparing the football of his time to the present-day football, Figo said that life, society and technologies have developed and the difference is very big.

“I think everything has changed, there is difference in the training of the footballers, the equipment, boots, staff, technologies, there is very much information these days, but nothing has changed in terms of emotions,” Figo said.

The former player said he has never wanted to become a coach. “I wanted to be a manager but never a coach.”

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