Rosa Linn’s Snap: Armenia’s viral TikTok Eurovision entry charts

This year’s Armenian Eurovision entry has charted in the UK at 26 – more than two months after the song contest, the BBC reports.

Rosa Linn’s Snap has been used on more than 360,000 TikTok clips, with some having millions of likes.

It’s not those numbers that count towards the chart, though – but users are going on to streaming platforms – which do contribute to the figures.

“Everything is going crazy and it’s a dream come true,” the 22-year-old told BBC News.

It’s the second-highest charting song from this year’s competition, behind the United Kingdom’s Sam Ryder, who got to number two back in May.

“You never know what will go viral on TikTok,” Rosa Linn said. “I saw a video of a guy who proposed to his girlfriend and it was amazing.

“It’s one of the most important things in their lives with my song and it touches my heart very, very strongly.”

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