Isfahan’s iconic Shah Mosque damaged in restoration

A 17th-Century Iranian mosque hailed as an architectural masterpiece has been damaged during restoration work, officials have admitted, the BBC reports.

The Shah Mosque in Isfahan is regarded as possibly the most beautiful In Iran and is part of a United Nations World Heritage site.

But in recent pictures, one side looks uneven, while its distinctive flower patterns do not match.

Officials acknowledged the defects, but said they could be rectified.

The work was “not yet finished”, said the restorer of the project, Mehdi Pakdel.

Mr Pakdel blamed problems with the scaffolding used, as well as challenges posed by the height of the 54m (177-ft) dome.

The mosque was built during what is known as the golden age of Isfahan, the third-biggest city in the country.

With its striking bright blue and yellow patterned tiles, it is a magnet for Muslim worshippers and tourists from inside and outside Iran.

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