Rosa Linn snaps up millions of new fans –

Rosa Linn took Armenia to an 11th Grand Final this May, and now she’s enjoying life beyond the Eurovision Song Contest as her song ‘Snap’ becomes a viral summer sensation, according to Eurovision’s official website.

Rosa is gaining legions of new fans thanks to her entry’s enduring popularity.

‘Team Snap’ has revealed to that the song has gained 4.2 million new listeners on Spotify, culminating in over 23 million streams, with a huge chunk of that audience originating in the United States of America, thanks in no small part to Snap’s success on TikTok and social media.

The song’s hook ‘Snapping 1, 2 – where are you?’ is proving popular with content creators, using it to soundtrack their short videos.

Even Hollywood superstar Reece Witherspoon used the track as part of an Instagram Reel… but sadly missed the opportunity to reference the ‘bend and snap’ from her cult film Legally Blonde.

This new found popularity has propelled the song into the UK and Italian charts this week at numbers 67 and 83 respectively, also charting at number 32 in Germany, while over on the Emerald Isle the track has reached 16 on the Irish Official Charts.

Snap is also doing well on the Viral 50 (USA) Spotify list and steadily climbing the global Spotify chart.

As Rosa pointed out back in March: ‘The power of manifestation is real when it is combined with hard work; persistence; and just putting oneself out there’ – and that seems more true now than ever. 

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