Modern system of truck scales to be introduced in Armenia

For the purpose of major repair of state highways, the Government has adopted a decision to allocate money to the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure. According to a report by Vache Terteryan, the Deputy Minister of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure, it is proposed to allocate 11,809,378,358 AMD from the reserve fund of the Government of Armenia to the Ministry, of which 2.6 billion AMD will be allocated for the major repair works of 2 interstate roads, 5.5 billion AMD to 6 republican roads, 3.7 billion AMD to 4 for regional roads.

The Prime Minister instructed to purchase high-quality truck scales so as to avoid the problem of drivers damaging or breaking them, and minimizing the human factor. “There is a modern system that is embedded on the road, the data is transferred electronically, and the issue is resolved,” he said.

The Government made a decision to allocate 1.2 billion AMD to the Ministry of Emergency Situations for the purpose of repair and purchase of special equipment. The Prime Minister emphasized the adoption of the decision and noted that the allocated money will be spent on the overhaul of the permanent locations of a number of fire-rescue teams and noted that in terms of updating the equipment, Armenia has received quite tangible support from the Japanese government, as well as from the Russian Federation.

The Head of the Government focused another important issue – fire danger due to high temperature and necessary preventive measures in that direction. “Since there are now warnings that there will be sharp increase of temperature, my instruction is to do everything to avoid forest fires and fires in general. The most important factor here is the approach of our dear and beloved citizens and their certain behavior towards nature. We have to ask to strictly follow the fire prevention rules. The next task is for the Ministry of Emergency Situations to carry out preventive work and to be ready to promptly respond to the incidents.”

The Government made a decision to adopt the State Property Management reform strategy and approve the resulting action plan. Nikol Pashinyan emphasized the importance of the strategy in the context of monitoring investment obligations, increasing the attractiveness of privatization of state property and ensuring profitability of state property management.

The Government adopted a decision to establish the “Police video-photo recording electronic systems management center” SNPO, which will assist in the detection of crimes and administrative offenses, in the implementation of preparatory works for the proceedings of administrative offenses in the field of road traffic safety. Fines levied for detected administrative offenses will be submitted to the state budget in accordance with the law.

Referring to the decision, the Prime Minister said, “To put it briefly, we make the following decision. the function performed by the private company “Security Dream” is taken over and implemented through a state non-profit organization. The last straw for making this decision was when we announced a tender and tried to protect the public interest as much as possible under the conditions of the tender and saw that the tender, the tender legislation was being used for certain manipulations, some schemes were being used and so on. We have decided to close this topic once and for all. The era of the “Security Dream” thus ends, and the function becomes fully state-owned.”

 The Prime Minister emphasized the importance of the decision also in terms of crime detection. The Police Chief informed that SNPO will start performing its functions by January 1, 2023.

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