Starmus Festival an opportunity to boost development of scientific tourism in Armenia

Starmus VI Festival is a good opportunity to boost scientific tourism in Armenia, Co-founder of the Festival Garik Israelian said as he briefed Armenian travel agencies on the opportunities to be opened up by the Festival, Armenpress reports.

The meeting was also attended President of the Tourism Committee Sisian Boghossian.

“From sectoral debates to various concerts, Star Party, etc. All this could bring foreign tourists to Armenia,” Israelyan said. He added that the main task of the festival is to ensure that science reaches people.

“Many young people and school children in Armenia are interested in technologies and science. And this Festival first of all aims to engage them. The second reason of holding the Festival in Armenia is to improve the country’s image. We want to do strategic things for the country,”Israelyan added.

He said all prerequisites are there in Armenia – “the country once had very good science, technologies, but the world is not aware of this.” And now the goal is to bring not only scientists but also tourists to Armenia thanks to this Festival.

Israelian is sure that tourists arriving in Armenia could be interested in this scientific Festival because many famous musicians, scientists, Nobel Prize winners will visit Armenia. A Star Party will take place in Garni. There will be telescopes after 22:00, a live music and cocktails till late night.

“Armenia is attracting tourists mainly with its monasteries, ancient sites and history. Let’s now try to attract people interested in this Festival,” he said.

Many sites in Armenia, like the Observatory, Karahunj, etc, could attract tourists in this context.

The tour operators were briefed on the agenda of the Festival and the ticket prices. They called this Festival a very good opportunity, noting that this could bring tourists to Armenia especially from Georgia and Iran, but also from Russia, Kazakhstan and the European countries.

STARMUS is a global festival of science communication and art that brings together the most brilliant minds on the planet. Its aim is to inspire and educate the next generation of explorers and regenerate the spirit of discovery. STARMUS combines art, music and science to enhance the science communication. The Festival will be held in Armenia on September 5-10.

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