Public campaign for reconstruction of the old stage of Gyumri Friendship Park kicks off

The public awareness raising campaign for reconstruction of the old stage of the Friendship Park has today kicked off in Gyumri. The campaign is aimed at raising funds to preserve the historical state of the outdoor stage through public engagement and revive its former cultural significance.

The 20 meters long stage located in the backside of the park has been in an emergency condition since the 1988 earthquake, and it is urgent to fix it to avoid complete destruction. The fundraising campaign will allow preventing its destruction to start reconstruction.

The campaign will last around 3 months, until late September and the end goal is to raise USD 100 000. Everyone from Armenia, Diaspora and the whole world can join it to contribute to reconstruction of the old stage.

The campaign has been initiated by Tourism and Urbanism Charitable Foundation (TUF) on the reArmenia collaboration platform. 

“Being a cultural capital, Gyumri still does not have an outdoor stage, which is why we decided to preserve this one as Gyumri people associate the best years spent in the Park with this stage in the first place. They have numerous memories from the concerts, cultural events and performances conducted on this stage”, says TUF’s Gyumri Development Projects Manager Yelena Muradyan.

“The public fundraisers aimed at addressing important issues are important in Armenia not only to raise the funds but also to shape a caring community around the issue: be it building of a technology school in a remote village in Artsakh or reconstruction of a historical stage in the cultural capital of Armenia, Gyumri. These initiatives create effective cooperation models applicable in various spheres”, said Operations Director of reArmenia collaboration platform Artak Grigoryan. 

The team of architects of the park has designed the reconstruction project of the stage aiming to make it modern and unique. The reconstructed stage will allow Gyumri and whole Armenia’s music, dance, and theatrical groups to perform on the new public outdoor stage of the city. 

“As a result of the reconstruction, an independently operating grid “curtain” will be set around the stage which sliding from the roof will stress the fragility of the half-destroyed construction. The thin grid will be illuminated at night to protect the visitors from the falling debris as the stage will preserve its historical look after the reconstruction. Special lighting will allow illuminating either the stage or the grid depending on the goal.

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