Turkey denies FlyOne Armenia overflight permit for Lebanon flights

The Turkish aviation authorities have denied FlyOne Armenia airline an overflight permit for flights to Beirut.

The company has to cancel Yerevan-Beirut-Yerevan flights until July 21.

“The Yerevan-Istanbul-Yerevan, Yerevan-Paris-Yerevan, Yerevan-Lyon-Yerevan flights are operated according to the schedule. Relevant information will be provided on the resumption of flights to Beirut. The company apologizes to the passengers for the inconvenience”, the airline said.

FLYONE ARMENIA offers the following alternatives:

– Change of flight date;

– A 110% Credit Shell refund for the passenger’s personal FLYONE account for the tickets purchased online or via the app only.

– Full refund of the canceled flight ticket.

If the ticket was purchased from a travel agency, the passengers should contact the agency to choose from the alternatives offered.

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