Nobel laureate Ardem Patapoutian handed diploma of honorary member of Armenia’s National Academy of Sciences

Nobel laureate Ardem Patapoutian was handed a diploma of an honorary member of the Armenian National Academy of Sciences today.

“On behalf of the entire staff of the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia, I congratulate you on being awarded the Nobel Prize in science. In the Motherland, we are all happy, proud of this great achievement, we consider it one of the great achievements of our nation,” said Academician Ashot Saghyan, President of the Academy.

“To solve the existing problems in the fields of science and technology, it is necessary to combine the efforts of Armenia and the Diaspora. In this regard, I would like to discuss with Professor Patapoutian an idea to set up a leading research center under the chairmanship of the National Academy of Sciences, which will bring together research groups that meet modern standards in the field of natural sciences and combine the efforts of scholars in Armenia and Diaspora. We will ask Professor Patapoutian to lead and coordinate the scientific activity of that center,” he added.

Ardem Patapoutian thanked the RA NAS for the title of honorary member and mentioned. “The reception I received in Armenia speaks about the fact that science and its achievements are appreciated here.”

“In fact, I have always known what the Nobel Prize is, but I have not fully understood how different people feel about it. I realize that this is a point after which new work and new actions are needed. Seeing the shining eyes of young scientists, I realize that receiving the Nobel Prize is a great responsibility, I realize that I have that responsibility to inspire and guide them to continue their dedicated work,” said Ardem Patapoutian.

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