EU delegation visits construction site of future TUMO Centre in Kapan

On 14 June, Ambassador Wiktorin and representatives of the European Commission’s Directorate-General for EU Neighbourhood and Enlargement visited the construction site of the future TUMO Centre in Kapan.

Gor Tadevosyan, Deputy Mayor of Kapan, and representatives of the Simonian Education Foundations did a tour of the construction site, presenting the design of the TUMO Centre in Kapan and the expected impact of the project on talent retention and local economic development.

The Centre will be constructed with the financial support of the European Union and the Simonian Educational Foundation in the framework of the EUR 2 mln ‘’Establishment of a Technology and Creative Industries Hub in Kapan’’ project as one of the pilot initiatives under the Mayors for Economic Growth regional facility.

M4EG is an EU facility providing comprehensive support to local authorities of the EaP countries to become active facilitators of economic growth and job creation at a local level.

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