Artsakh a key factor in maintaining geopolitical balance – FM

Artsakh, its very existence, is among the most important factors in maintaining regional and even global geopolitical balance., Artsakh’s Foreign Minister David Babayan wrote on Facebook.

“If there was no Artsakh, the geopolitical landscape of the South caucasus would radically change, and after that the same would take place also in the adjacent regions. This would lead to the situation where maintaining the geopolitical balance by traditional means (a system of geostrategic checks and balances, etc.) would be practically impossible,” he added.

“This will lead to an open, tough and direct confrontation between the centers of power. And what can happen when it is impossible to maintain the geopolitical balance by traditional means and when the great global and regional powers will openly clash with each other? I think the answer is very clear. The world may even be on the brink of nuclear war,” the Foreign Minister said.

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