ANIF has invested around $214 million in various sectors of Armenian economy

Armenian National Interests Fund (ANIF) has released the organization’s 2019-2021 report. It summarizes all the projects implemented by ANIF during the reporting period. Some key data are presented below.

In total ANIF is investing around $214 million in various sectors of the Armenian economy through joint projects with partners. 91% of investments is contributed by partners, 9% by ANIF.

During 2.5 years of its activities, ANIF has signed more than a dozen memorandums and other documents on cooperation with internationally recognized companies and organizations. As a result of ANIF’s efforts, two major investment projects of strategic importance for the country were launched.

  • 200 MW photovoltaic solar power plant project “Ayg-1” in the territory of Talin-Dashtadem communities of Aragatsotn region in cooperation with Abu Dhabi’s Masdar company.
  • Establishment of Fly Arna Armenian National Airlinesjointly with Air Arabia.

ANIF’s subsidiary “Entrepreneur + State Investment Fund” continues to support local businesses through equity investments. To date, the Fund has implemented a total of investments of about $10 million in 6 companies, that will create around 170 jobs. “Father and Son Yeremyans,” “Amber Capital,” “Food Republic,” “Apaga Projects,” “Global Connect” are partner companies, with whom ANIF has started new business projects.

The purpose of the Fund is to stimulate the inflow of private capital into the economy, thereby ensuring sustainable long-term capital growth and expansion of economic opportunities.

This year the ARFI (Armenian Financed) program will be launched, to promote the development of the investment environment in Armenia, by placing investment activities on the online platform to increase the scope of potential investments.

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