Construction of Gyumri Friendship Park’s vernissage pavilions kicks off

On May 19, representatives of EU Delegation to Armenia and the EU4Business “Innovative Tourism and Technology Development for Armenia (ITTD)” project implemented by GIZ visited Gyumri to get acquainted with the construction of the pavilions of Friendship Park Vernissage and the overall construction process in the park.

The guests visited the studio of Techno City in Gyumri where the Vernissage pavilions – one of the key components of the park – are being created.

The park reconstruction project is implemented by Tourism and Urbanism Charitable Foundation (TUF) as a private-public partnership and social-economic development model in Gyumri.

EU4Business ITTD joined the Friendship park’s reconstruction project in 2021. Within the grant scheme, a skating rink as an important winter tourism component and 25 Vernissage pavilions will be built in the park. 

“The EU is happy to support this project; we are confident that it will become a landmark, a point of touristic reference for the beautiful city of Gyumri. We came to learn that the reconstructed Friendship Park will work all year round. This will be another extra incentive for the tourists to visit Gyumri at any time of the year”, mentioned Antonis Tsamoulis, cooperation officer at the European Union Delegation to Armenia.

“We are happy to support Gyumri Friendship Park project because we believe that it will be a turning point for the growth of tourism in Gyumri and it will be a wonderful modern green park for the residents of Gyumri. This is a special gift to this historic and authentic city”, noted Wilhelm Hugo, team leader of the EU4Business ITTD project. 

While designing the Vernissage pavilions, the architects used zigzag elements of the Armenian traditional architecture. The pavilions can be transformed through wooden structures and stretchable umbrellas resembling Armenian national rugs with their patterns and color combinations. The modules can be transformed to wavy, linear, or circular shapes. The design has been created by IND Architects Bureau which won the Open International Competition for Recreational Infrastructure Elements Design of the Park announced by TUF in 2020.  

“Considering Gyumri’s climate and severe winters, the Vernissage pavilions will be functional for all the weather conditions. The pavilions will feature handcrafted works, souvenirs and artworks made by craftsmen of Gyumri and other Armenian regions. Besides, there will be master classes, exhibitions, and fairs at the Vernissage”, said Yelena Muradyan, Gyumri Development Programs Manager at TUF.  

During the visit, the guests also walked in the Friendship Park and watched the construction process on the spot.

This construction phase is focused on building the external engineering infrastructures, illumination, and major alleys, which are carried out by the Government of the Republic of Armenia within “Local Economy and Infrastructure Development Project” through a loan issued by the World Bank. 

The total budget of the park reconstruction is about USD 12mln. The construction of some objects of the park including 25 pavilions of the Vernissage are scheduled to be finished in mid-September 2022. Then the park will be open to Gyumri people and guests of the city.

In fall 2023, the whole park with all its facilities and elements will be fully operating.

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