“Under the spell of Mount Ararat – Treasures from ancient Armenia” exhibition to open at Drents Museum, the Netherlands

The exhibition Under the spell of Mount Ararat – Treasures from ancient Armenia will open at Drents Museum, Assen, the Netherlands, on May 11.

Beautiful objects from the History Museum of Armenia in Yerevan and also a unique relic of Noah’s Ark will be displayed.

Visitors of Under the spell of Mount Ararat will go on a journey through the rich history of Armenia. From the Stone Age, in which homo erectus travelled from Africa to Eurasia to settle in what is now Armenia, via the first important leaders who had themselves buried in monumental mounds around 1500 BC, and the Kingdom of Urartu, to the great realm of King Tiridates III (AD 287-330), who made Christianity the state religion. 

Gold and silver ornaments, weapons, pottery, and bronze figurines in the shape of animals and warriors will provide an impression of the impressive archaeological wealth of Armenia, from the earliest times until the arrival of Christianity. Many of these valuable objects will be on display in the Netherlands for the first time. 

The exhibition will continue through September 30.

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