New educational establishment to be founded in Artsakh

On May 7, the State Minister of the Artsakh Republic Artak Beglaryan received the delegation of the Shirakatsi Lyceum International Scientific-Educational Complex headed by Director Ashot Alikhanyan.

The State Minister and the director of the complex signed a memorandum of cooperation between the Government of the Artsakh Republic and the Shirakatsi Lyceum International Scientific-Educational Complex.

According to the memorandum, the parties unite their efforts to establish a new quality educational institution in the Artsakh Republic based on the experience of the “Shirakatsi Lyceum” international scientific-educational complex.

Artak Beglaryan welcomed the delegation’s visit, emphasizing the importance of the discussions held in recent months and the mutual determination to organize the activities of the educational complex in the Artsakh Republic.

The State Minister noted that the relations with the institution are important in the development of Artsakh’s scientific-educational potential, and will serve as a serious basis and impetus for the long-term development of Artsakh.

Ashot Alikhanyan, director of the Shirakatsi Lyceum International Scientific-Educational Complex, praised the decision of the Artsakh authorities for the decision to launch the educational complex in Artsakh, noting their readiness to use the institution’s potential and years of experience to ensure quality education for Artsakh students.

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