“Armenian Master” competition launched in Gyumri

. On 26 April in the house-museum of Avetik Isahakyan in Gyumri the start of the  “Armenian Master” competition was announced.

The main idea, phases of the competition were introduced along with the website, through which one can chose for the key vocational professions and vote for the best masters of Armenia.

The purpose of the competition is to maintain and popularize craftmanship, as well as to restore respect for and elevate the reputation of workers in the public mindset. As a result of the competition the best masters of Armenia in 12 directions will be identified, who will receive the “Armenian Master” award. The directions will also be selected through online voting.

The “Armenian Master” competition was initiated by Ruben Vardanyan and the “TО LIVE” Foundation. The organizer of the competition is the Tourism and Urbanism (TUF) Charitable Foundation.

“I am glad that we launched this initiative after a long discussion. If we want to have a strong state, a strong society, and a strong nation, I believe we must have respect for at least four directions and professions. The first is the teacher, the second is the doctor, the third is the soldier and the army officer, and the fourth is the master. Speaking about the master, it is not only respect for a person with skills but also respect for their work. In other words, these persons with a serious attitude toward their work reach the level that people call them masters. It is not the state that gives them that title, but the people decide. It’s crucial, and we want to keep it. It is also important that by restoring respect for these people, we will have a new environment in which working, professionalism, and dedication to work will play a vital role,” said Ruben Vardanyan, the Founder of the Tourism and Urbanism Charitable Foundation (TUF).

Famous masters from different regions, art and culture figures, and city guests attended the event.

“The initiative is vital because in today’s reality, unfortunately, the demand for crafting professions is quite low, and these professions and work are not considered primary. Meanwhile, this initiative aims to raise the prestige of craftsmen, especially among the younger generation in the regions. It will enable to preserve existing traditions and bring a new freshness to the field while strengthening the connection between education and the labor market,” said Mesrop Arakelyan, General Director of the “To Live” Charitable Foundation.

“This initiative is appropriate for Gyumri, which is considered the capital of arts and crafts. We are sure that this initiative will be a great success. Our masters will show to other countries with their abilities that they can become a motivating force for all Armenians with their excellent professional skills,”said Vardges Samsonyan, Mayor of Gyumri.

For the competition special website will be used.

The 12 categories of vocational professions will be identified through the website after an online voting that will last around one month. Afterwards the 12 directions and nomination categories that receive most votes will be announced, which will serve bases for the competition.

Masters over the age of 23, who live in Armenia and Artsakh, and whose work falls within the pre-identified 12 categories can take part in the competition.

During the first phase masters nominate themselves by filling in a CV and submitting a video message about their work. Besides, there will be groups touring throughout the territory of Armenia, who will also look for masters and will register them on the website. The organizers also encourage citizens to nominate masters that they may know.

Only 24 masters will move to the second phase of the competition, whose CVs and video messages will receive highest points from the Selection committee of the competition. Among them the top 12 will be selected during a TV show, which will be prepared and broadcast on “Armenia” TV.

“By the suggestion of TUF Armenia TV has created a completely new TV format which will be for the first time in Armenia. During the project each week the viewers will discover the master of masters of our day, who quietly create and produce in different corners of Armenia. Large scale video shootings will be done in the regions, also presenting the local colors and culture. We hope that during the project there will be interest amongst the public towards such professions that are based on the talent, skills and mastery of the Armenian people”, said CEO of Armenia TV Davit Babakhanyan.

The final phase of the “Armenian Master” competition will take place in Gyumri, in a festival format, where 12 winners will be identified and announced.

The winners of the competition will receive the “Armenian Master” award, monetary reward (3 million AMD), as well as the support of partners.

Every year in May, the Gyumri Friendship Park will host a festival of masters, which will be attended by both the winning masters, participants of the previous stages of the competition and other guests of the city.

The festival will have a format of a celebration including a concert program, exhibition of the works of the masters and other cultural components.

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