Forgetting the dark moments of history means they can be repeated, Italian lawmakers say on Armenian Genocide anniversary

107 years have passed since the Genocide of the Armenian people, a tragedy that we cannot and absolutely must not forget. Forgetting the dark moments of history means that they can be repeated, members of Italy-Armenia Friendship Group of the Italian Inter-Parliamentary Union said in a statement on Armenian Genocide anniversary.

“Memory is the antidote to barbarism and ferocity against humanity and remembering is therefore a duty. Therefore, as parliamentarians of the Italian Republic we are happy that the Chamber of Deputies in 2019 approved a joint motion that recognized the Genocide of the Armenian people. On this day we join all Armenians in memory of Metz Yegern and in particular the Armenian associations and communities of Italy,” yje lawmakers said.

The statement was signed by Senators Paola Binetti, Stefano Borghesi , Roberto Calderoli, Isabella Rauti and the Deputies Umberto Buratti, Laura Cavandoli, Jari Colla, Ugo Cappellacci, Giulio Centemero Comencini, Roberto Ferrari, Paolo Formentini, Eva Lorenzoni, Alvise Maniero, Elena Murelli, Tullio Patassini, Katia Polidori, Alberto Ribolla.

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