Cyprus marks 107th anniversary of Armenian Genocide

Cyprus marked the 107th anniversary of the Armenian genocide on Sunday with statements of support for the people of Armenia and the community in Cyprus.

In a statement published by Cyprus Mail, Presidential Commissioner Photis Photiou said April 24 was established as the Day of Remembrance of the Armenian Genocide in which 1.5 million died “so that humanity would never forget one of the most heinous crimes that led to the cleansing of a people in a systematic and massive way”.

“One hundred and seven years have passed since then and, as every April 24 , we especially honor the memory of the innocent victims and express our respect and support to the people of Armenia who resisted with vigour and dignity and suffered enormous consequences from the genocide perpetrated against them,” he said.

Turkey, he added, still unpunished, continues to deny its crime against the Armenian people “which, unfortunately, have led to attitudes and behaviors on its part that blatantly violate due respect for every concept of law”.

Cyprus, he said, was one of the first countries in the world to recognize and condemn the Armenian genocide, and supported every effort to restore and recognize “the one and only historical truth”.

Political parties also issued statements in remembrance and to condemn Turkey.

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