Security issues in the focus as Putin receives Pashinyan

Security issues, including those related to Nagorno Karabakh, will be at the center of attention, Russian President Vladimir Putin said as he welcomed Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan to his residence in Novo-Ogaryovo, Kremlin reports.

“I agree that there are many problems. We are constantly in contact. If not every week, every ten days we definitely talk on the phone, and meetings are regular, despite the pandemic,” Putin said.

Putin said it is planned to sign a number of documents to add to a fairly solid base. “We have signed 200 documents in previous years that form out legal framework, and this creates a good opportunity to work in almost all areas,” Putin said.

“One of the leading ones is, of course, the economy. In 2021, our growth stood at 12.8 percent, according to our statistics. Plus another 50 percent for the first months of this year. This is a very good indicator, especially in modern times,” the Russian President stated.

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