EU’s Michel expresses full support to Armenia’s PM’s efforts to promote peace in the South Caucasus

President of the EU Council Charles Michel has expressed full support to Armenian Prime Minister’s efforts to “promote a peaceful, stable and secure South Caucasus.”

Charles Michel made the remarks in Twitter following his phone conversation with Armenian prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan late on Monday.

“Spoke with Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan to follow up on our recent discussions in Brussels. Full support to his and all efforts to promote a peaceful, stable and secure South Caucasus,” Michel tweeted.

During the phone conversation the interlocutors exchanged views on the implementation of the agreements reached during the meeting between the President of the European Council, the Prime Minister of Armenia and the President of Azerbaijan in Brussels on April 6, the situation in the region and a number of issues on the agenda of Armenia-EU relations.

Pashinyan and Michel also discussed the implementation of the agreement on allocating € 2.6 billion to Armenia within the framework of the EU Eastern Partnership economic and investment plan, emphasizing the importance of effective implementation of the programs envisaged by the investment package. Charles Michel reaffirmed the EU’s commitment to the full implementation of the investment program for Armenia and stressed the importance of starting the practical implementation phase of the programs as soon as possible.

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