Campaign urges ‘no jets for Turkey’

A new campaign was launched on Thursday urging the US not to sell American F-16 fighter jets and upgrade kits to Turkey “until it shows compliance with US and international law,” reports.

Using the hashtag #NoJetsForTurkey, the campaign urges US citizens to petition their senators to ask that they oppose Turkey’s request.

“Turkey is an unreliable ally that has already been barred from such purchases because of its purchase of Russian air defense systems. We need to make sure Turkey cannot purchase F-16s or upgrade kits until it shows compliance with US and international law,” the campaign says.

“Not only did Turkey purchase a Russian missile defense system in direct opposition to NATO’s interests, but it also continues its illegal occupation of Cyprus and its constant threats against Greece’s airspace and territory. In short, Turkey’s behavior in the region should not be rewarded with such a sale.

“The sale of F-16s or upgrade kits to Turkey would set a dangerous precedent.”

The campaign is endorsed by ten organizations, including the Hellenic American Leadership Council, Armenian National Committee of America, International Coordinating Committee Justice for Cyprus (PSEKA), American Hellenic Council of California, American Friends of Kurdistan, Hindu American Foundation, Middle East Forum, Philos Project, A Demand for Action and In Defense of Christians.

The initiate offers a template for the public to contact their senators about the issue.

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